Weekly Netflix Pick on We Got This Covered

14banksy_CA0-articleLargeIt’s time for the second of We Got This Covered‘s new weekly feature, “We Got Netflix Covered.” Handling the documentary pick is trickier than you think, and for week #2, I had a tough time deciding which of Netflix’s many docs deserved to be highlighted. So failing all other considerations, I chose a personal favourite of mine, the street art doc Exit Through the Gift Shop.

The film is directed by Banksy, a renowned street artist known as much for his anonymity as he is for his skills with a spray can. But Exit isn’t about Banksy, it’s about a man named Thierry Guetta who’s begins making a documentary about street art only to segue into becoming a street artist himself. Or does he? Is all this a gag about the crass commercialism of art with Guetta’s Mr. Brainwash as an elaborate¬†straw man? Or maybe truth really is stranger than fiction. You decide.

We Got Netflix Covered Week 2

You can read my original review of Exit Through the Gift Shop on Film Beatnik.

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