Where can you listen to me talk?

header1 copyOpen Sources Guelph – Scotty Hertz and I rejiggered the format from the show we used to be on – Beyond the Ballot Box/Gang of Four – to bring you the same politics and current affairs discussion, but mixed with interviews with prominent politicians, journalists and experts. Whether it’s federal politics, local issues, or the wacky antics of American Congressmen, we’ll have you covered on Open Sources.

Open Sources Guelph goes live-to-air every Thursday at 5 pm on CFRU 93.3 fm. You can also listen online at For more information about the show, including what issues coming on the next show, you can visit the Open Sources Guelph website.


The Guelph Politicast is an arm of Guelph Politico, an interview program featuring local politicians, activists and characters in and around the Royal City. Whether it’s the political candidates in an election campaign, or authors with books on fascinating topics, or people looking to revisit our history or helping people in need in the here and now, Guelph Politicast talks to them.

Although not a regular podcast (yet), you can download the latest episode of the Guelph Politicast by subscribing to it at the iTunes store, or you can download them directly from the host site Podbean.

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