I write mostly. I started at The Ontarion at the University of Guelph, which is the student paper there. After serving as Arts & Culture Editor and Editor-in-Chief, I went pro and became a freelancer, writing for such sites and publications as the Guelph Mercury, the Waterloo Region Record, Lucid Forge, Press+1, New Theatre Review, End Type, Women’s Post, and Informed Vote.

Currently, my writing can be found regularly at the following websites:








On my own, I write a blog about local politics called Guelph Politico. It covers politics and issues related to the City of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, including local, provincial and national affairs through interviews, editorials and news pieces.

Guelph PoliticoOver a decade’s worth of my film reviews are archived at Film Beatnik blog:

Film Beatnik Slim new colourFinally, I wrote a column called “Guelph Beat” in Echo Weekly from 2008 to 2011. With Echo Weekly defunct I needed somewhere to store all my thoughts and wisdom. So here it is in the Guelph Beat blog:

GuelphBeatbannerFIN copy

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