New Weekly Feature on We Got This Covered

mitt-documentaryWe Got This Covered kicked off a new weekly feature this week, a list of picks from various genres available to stream on Netflix Watch Instant. It’s an interesting idea, one I can’t take credit for, but with so much to watch on Netflix, it helps to have someone in the know to point you in the right direction. I’ll be handling documentaries.

My first pick is Mitt, which is also the first documentary picked up by Netflix. The titular subject is Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2012. The director, Greg Whiteley, had incredible access to Romney and his family during the entire campaign, and the film shows the behind the scenes conversations and decisions that drove Romney through the process, from the primaries to Election Night.

I won’t go so far as say that Mitt, had it been released at a different time, would have changed the outcome of the election, but it does do a lot to humanize a man who more often than not has come off as robotic and out-of-touch. But my all means, check out my full recommendation at We Got Netflix Covered.

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When he’s not the main/only contributor to Guelph Politico, Adam A. Donaldson also contributes to as their city hall columnist and co-hosts a political and current affairs show on CFRU 93.3 fm called “Open Sources Guelph" as well as the movie review show "End Credits."
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