Review of ‘The Unknown Known’ on Politico

unknown-copyThe new Errol Morris documentary, The Unknown Known does a lot to reflect the charisma of its subject, the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. What it doesn’t do is make all those that want to dine out on Rumsfeld’s failure as one of the Iraq War’s architects feel any better. Rumsfeld isn’t made to reconsider what a misadventure that was, and it reinforces the idea that he doesn’t care either.

No matter how you feel about Rumsfeld, you have to at least respect the fact that we would sit down for a grilling by a man who’s hardly friendly, let alone an ally. It also makes for a nice booked with Morris’ other interview with a former Secretary of Defense, The Fog of War. It’s interesting to compare and contrast the careers and points of view of both men, both leaders at the start of unpopular wars, and who learned very different lessons.

You can read my review of The Unknown Known on Guelph Politico.

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