Quintessential Batman on Nerd Bastards

The-Long-Halloween-1996In a project I’ve been dabbling with pretty much since the start of the year, I finally posted by list of the Quintessential Batman stories on Nerd Bastards yesterday.

The project was simple in concept if not in execution. The challenge from Nerd Bastards boss Luke Gallagher was to come up with a comprehensive list of the best Batman stories across comic books, movies, and TV series. Considering the hundreds of hours of Batman screen stories and possibly thousands of issues of Batman and related comics, to parse that down to 10 was no easy task.

So I parsed it down to 12. Well, 12 and a bonus.

So what did I leave off? Part of my wanted to work one of the Arkham City video games into the mix, and maybe one of the more recent comic book stories like “The Court of Owls,” or “Death of the Family.” I also wish I could have found a stand out episode of Batman Beyond proper, and I wish I had the time to re-watch the whole show to find one.

Anyway, it’s a list I’m proud of. I’ll be interested to see if nerdery notes whether I missed anything obvious.

Quintessential Batman: The 12 Most Impactful Experiences of the Dark Knight

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