‘The Walking Dead’ Recaps on We Got This Covered

TWD_501_GP_0508_0326The Walking Dead is one of the biggest series on cable, heck even all of TV. I can’t say I’ve always been a fan, but I will say that if the rest of the season plays out the way that the fifth season premiere did, then I just might have to change my mind about my relationship with the show.

Good thing too because if there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s be forced to recap a show every week that you’re not passionate, and I mean either love it or hate it. In years gone by, The Walking Dead was kind of like that, it was just one of those shows that kind of happened only to occasionally give you something compelling to watch.

It’s hard to say what direction the season’s going to go in, whether or not the immediacy and the urgency of “No Sanctuary” will carry on, but after once single episode I’ll say that I am very interested in finding out.

Check out my first recap of The Walking Dead here.

About Adam A. Donaldson

When he’s not the main/only contributor to Guelph Politico, Adam A. Donaldson also contributes to GuelphToday.com as their city hall columnist and co-hosts a political and current affairs show on CFRU 93.3 fm called “Open Sources Guelph.” When not being political, Adam co-hosts the movies and pop culture show “End Credits“, and as a freelance writer he has contributed to various papers, periodicals and websites including Nerd Bastards, We Got This Covered, the Guelph Mercury, the Waterloo Region Record, Press+1, Lucid Forge, and Women’s Post. Adam was also named one of the Guelph Mercury’s 40 Under 40 in 2013 for his work with Ed Video Media Arts Centre.
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